WB Studio Tour

During our mini-moon we visited the Warner Bros Harry Potter Studios Tour and my god it was brilliant! We were saved from the great British downpour by the Studio tour’s shuttle bus from King’s Cross and given our tickets to the studio.

Our driver was hilarious and we watched Chamber of Secrets on the journey there. Once there we joined the queue surrounded by a million tour groups, most of whom had no idea what a queue was. We got into the studio about 40 minutes before our tour so we had a look around the shop, Joey bought a wand (a Death Eater’s wand for those who want to know!) and I bought a box of peppermint toads and of course I had to try on the sorting hat.

sorting hat

My amazing T-shirt is from Proud Clothing on Etsy, get it here.

After a quick film and talk from some of the staff (and 10 points for being the first to follow the instructions!) we were ready to enter the Great Hall doors and make our way around the studio.

Now this is where I add a whole load of photos, so sit back and enjoy!




Then after all of that (and a glass of butterbeer, which is delicious btw!) we turned a corner and I became a blubbering wreck! The detail they had put into the castle was incredible, I could of stayed in this room for hours but it was almost time for us to leave and head back to the real world.


The studio tour was definitely a highlight of our mini moon and now we’re looking forward to a little more Harry Potter in Florida!

Bumble & Boy x



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